Sous-titres Elementary, Saison 4 - Episode 19



A woman goes to see Holmes and Watson. She's been shot and says she knows his brother. Holmes is suspicious of her but decides to look into it. She says to make extra cash, she hosts illegal poker games and at one of her games someone robbed it. She says when she went home some of the money taken was there that's when someone shot her. Holmes checks out the players and learns one of the players was the shooter but he got a tip that the hostess was the one behind the robbery. Holmes finds out who tipped him was the man the woman hired to be the look out. But they find the man dead. And they learn another player planted a video cam to record the game and when they try to view it, the NSA stops them. Watson tries to find out who their client is.

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42 min


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Elementary - 04x19 - All

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