Sheldon has been spending time in the virtual wilderness ever since Amy showed him a scientific study that proves spending time in the great outdoors significantly improves cognitive reasoning. When Leonard and Penny decide to borrow one of Penny's clients cabin for a weekend getaway, Amy is further able to convince Sheldon for them to tag along. Mother Nature prevents them from enjoying the great outdoors as was the intention of the getaway, but it does allow them to examine the state of their collective lives. Meanwhile, Raj has been more committed to the entire process of Bernadette's pregnancy and the whole issue of the baby than Howard. If Bernadette and Howard think Raj's involvement is crossing the boundary, Howard will have to step up to the plate and tell his best friend so,... or does it also mean that Howard has to step up to the plate in other ways?

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The Big Bear Precipitation
19 min


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The Big Bang Theory - 09x20 - The Big Bear Precipitation.DIMENSION.French.C.updated.Addic7ed.com.srt

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