Sous-titres Happy Valley, Saison 2 - Episode 1



Eighteen months have elapsed. After investigating a bizarre case of sheep-stealing Catherine discovers the corpse of prostitute Lynne Dewhurst, Royce's mother, whom she had warned to keep away from her grandson and, along with new recruit Ann Gallagher, Catherine joins the investigation. CID officer John Wadsworth, however, is more concerned with preventing mistress Vicky Fleming from telling his wife Amanda about their affair whilst Ann's father Nevison has to sack volatile employee Sean Balmforth and Clare meets an old flame, Neil Ackroyd. Royce is given consolation in prison by visitor Frances Drummond, while he suggests to her that Catherine killed his mother.

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Episode #2.1
58 min


Nom du fichier
Happy Valley - 2x01 - Episode

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