Sous-titres Stan Lee's Lucky Man, Saison 1 - Episode 7



Suri and Harry interview Anton, a dying man who tells them he was fleeing from Golding, the man who was involved in the deaths of Eve's mother and Kevin Grey. They discover that Anton, real name Tony. and his partner Jed befriended wealthy foreign students and then stole their credit cards. With Jed also dead Harry sees a link with Russian student Sasha Terekhova, suspecting that her father hired Golding to kill the boys but Sasha is not forthcoming and afterwards Harry and Suri survive another attempt on their lives in which Suri is injured. Meanwhile Winter begins to suspect that Frierson may be corrupt and refuses to sack Harry, leading Frierson to approach the envious Orwell. Anna tells Harry of her discovery but he warns her not to get involved, especially as she is now dating prison governor Julian.

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The Charm Offensive
60 min


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