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Gil Ra Im an Kim Joo Won awaken to find themselves in each other's body, not knowing how it happened or if they'll ever switch back. As they struggle to get through common elements of everyday life together (dressing, washing, etc.), society isn't ready for an apologetic Joo Won or a dictatorial Ra Im. Meanwhile, Dong-kyu talks Oska back to the location shooting of his music video, where Yeun Sul awaits to give Oska a lesson on heartbreak. Problems brew within Joo Won's family when Grandpa Moon starts taking fertility drugs to get a son. As Yeon-Hong inquires after an ugliness pill for her step-mom, Boon-Hong starts looking into her son Joo Won's private life for indiscretions. At the end of the day, Joo Won finally decides to take advantage of his situation, but makes an ugly discovery.

Résumé de

Episode #1.6
South Korea
60 min


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Secret Garden - Ep.06 [FGT].ass

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