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Unable to get Ra Im out of his head (to points of hallucination), Joo Won has to see her again. Since she dismisses his phone calls, he visits the Action School to talk to her, but since it's also Audition Day, he must wait in line, as an auditionee, and declare his special ability ("making money"). Afterward, Joo Won finds himself on a second mother-arranged blind date with Yeun Sul, who declares him her destiny. While training, Jong Soo sees that Ra Im's head (distracted by the memory of Joo Won's words) is not present and demotes her to heading the new training group. Fellow stuntman Jung Hwan correctly appraises the problem and forces Ra Im to phone Joo Won. At the office, Joo Won has just fired Ah Young offhandedly, not realizing she is Ra Im's roommate. At seeing Ra Im's incoming call (sent by Jung Hwan), he wonders aloud whether it's real or not. Put on the spot, Ra Im awkwardly summons Joo Won to training. Later, as Joo Won has Ra Im pinned to the floor, Ah Young, having been fired, walks in, bad mouthing Joo Won (before realizing it's him right before her). Joo Won gets Ah Young to recognize him but asks her to keep his identity secret from Ra Im. Taking them home, Joo Won is appalled at their living conditions, thinking it the worst. Joo Won finally reveals his identity to the Action School at their stunt shoot in his department store, leaving Ra Im stunned.

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Episode #1.2
South Korea
60 min


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Secret Garden 02.ass

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