Sous titres français pour la série 시크릿 가든 - S01E14



At the VVIP Christmas party (where Oska plays fairy godmother by dressing up Ra Im), Joo Woo makes his affections openly known by publicly kissing Ra Im. News of the kiss reaches Boon-Hong, where she lashes out at Ra Im by firing Ah Young (which Joo Won discovers and soon puts right). Media begins playing havoc with Oska again, at worst returning him to the plagiarism scandal (where he's ready to throw in the towel, take the rap and cancel his concert), but at best leading him to understand what triggered his falling out with Yeun-Sul years ago. As Yeun-Sul and Tae-Sun help a depressed Oska salvage his career, Joo Won and Ra Im find themselves in each other's body again. Figuring out what triggers the exchange, they help each pass for the other till they can switch back; however, two people closest to them notice their secret.

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Episode #1.14
South Korea
60 min


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